A behemoth of freeroll Online Betting tournaments on the loose

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There’s a monster on the loose in poker. And it is very, very BIG.


The PartyPoker.com Monster has been unleashed, the largest and most exciting freeroll series in the history of online poker, slated to enrich more than 40,000 cash winners over the next 11 months. 32 $100,000 Weekly Freerolls and eight Monthly $1 million tournaments, followed by a Grand Final with a massive $5 million prize pool that is expected to keep growing! The PartyPoker.com Monster begs to be called the behemoth of freeroll poker tournaments-a beast that will change the game forever.


It marks the first time any poker site has offered prizes of this scale and on such a regular basis, making the PartyPoker.com Monster so big, it will simply ECLIPSE all others.


With stakes of this size, it could only be PartyPoker.com behind it. The world’s largest poker room will conclude the PartyPoker.com Monster in June 2007 with the Monster Grand Final, a land-based event where six players will compete for the monster of all payouts.


But before that ever happens, thousands of people will get a piece of the monster.


PartyPoker.com will host Daily Monster Qualifying Tournaments, Monster Jackpot Tables and Players PartyPoint qualifiers from which six players will rise to the Monster Grand Final.


To take part in this Monster promotion, players must first enter a qualifier and then progress through four different rounds. PartyPoker.com is currently hosting the first of 32 Monster Weekly $100,000 freerolls. Players may qualify by:


1) Playing in Monster Jackpot Cash Games. When a Jackpot hits, everyone playing at that Game/Limit qualifies for a Monster Freeroll.


2) Playing in Monster Sit&Go Tournaments. Win the Sit&Go and qualify for a Monster Freeroll.


3) Playing in Monster Scheduled Online Betting Tournaments. Place in the top three and qualify for a Monster Freeroll.


4) Being one of the top PartyPoints earners. PartyPoker.com will regularly set a goal; the players that meet that goal will qualify for a Monster Freeroll.


Anyone can qualify to play in all 32 Monster Weekly $100,000 Freerolls. Players can qualify up to 32 times the first week and immediately register for all of the Monster Weekly $100,000 Freerolls. Each week players will play for $100,000 and the chance to move on to one of eight Monster Monthly $1,000,000 Freerolls.


“We have seeded the first $5 million of prize money, but that is only the beginning,” said Warren Lush, PartyPoker.com spokesman. “The prizes start huge and then just get bigger and bigger; the more people who play, the bigger the Grand Final prize pool will be – the biggest in history. Nothing can stop the world’s largest freeroll series – it just keeps growing. We just don’t know how big it will get! We invite people to come back regularly to discover just how huge the Monster has become.