Welcome to the official KAN site!

Dear Kan fans,


We’re writing to you to say thankyou for your support over the last four years. From taking a chance on our very first gigs, to buying our debut album Sleeper, to following our journey at home and around the world, none of this would have been possible without you. If an entire band could crowd-surf at once, this is what it must feel like.


Unfortunately because of personal commitments we have been finding it more and more difficult recently to make music together, and we feel the time is right to give ourselves a little breathing room. So it is with heavy hearts that we have decided to stop playing together as Kan for the foreseeable future.


Thanks once again,


Aidan, Brian, Ian and Jim

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New Website

Finally all of our different web presences are brought together in one place!

Stay tuned for up-to-date information on tour dates, blog posts from on the road and all the latest videos and media coverage.


In the meantime here’s a lovely picture of us at Stonehenge last year!


Brian Finnegan Big Band!

As I write, the other 3 KAN lads and I are making our way from the four corners of the UK ready to descend on Bath!
Once there we’ll rehearse along with Ed Boyd, John-Joe Kelly, Rex Preston & Leon Hunt ready for a couple of Brian Finnegan Big Band gigs. The first is in Bath (Wednesday night) and then we’re off to Ortiguera festival in Galicia to play on the big stage there.

Quimper Festival!

A big hello from Quimper in Brittany where we’re getting ready to play our first concert here! We’ve had a great time so far, eating pancakes, sampling the amazing food and wine and driving around the ring road of Rennes several times in our hire car!
big thanks to all the organisers and Hellers here who have been amazing and really welcoming.
we’re just about to go listen to the lads from Guidewires play a set just before us. Roll on the big gig!…

Studio Set up photos

Having a great time at castlesound studios getting mics and sounds set up and ready to go tomorrow and start recording.. Here’s a few pics of the set up so far.. More to come plus videos so watch this space for more KAN news featuring Brian Finnegan, Aidan O’Rourke, Jim Goodwin & Ian Stephenson

The KAN elders

The KAN elders doing their best to look mystical in Lichfield

New album pre-release copies available!

Our debut album “Sleeper” is finally ready and has an official release set for later this year, but you can get pre-release copies now exclusively from our website!

We will be selling CDs at our Jan 27th 2012 Glasgow gig, as part of the Celtic Connections festival, in the fantastic venue “The Arches”.

If you can’t make it there, you can pre-order the album for delivery on or before the 27th Jan, link below!