Studio Set up photos

Having a great time at castlesound studios getting mics and sounds set up and ready to go tomorrow and start recording.. Here’s a few pics of the set up so far.. More to come plus videos so watch this space for more KAN news featuring Brian Finnegan, Aidan O’Rourke, Jim Goodwin & Ian Stephenson

The KAN elders

The KAN elders doing their best to look mystical in Lichfield

New album pre-release copies available!

Our debut album “Sleeper” is finally ready and has an official release set for later this year, but you can get pre-release copies now exclusively from our website!

We will be selling CDs at our Jan 27th 2012 Glasgow gig, as part of the Celtic Connections festival, in the fantastic venue “The Arches”.

If you can’t make it there, you can pre-order the album for delivery on or before the 27th Jan, link below!