online slots in Singapore
online slots in Singapore
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Get $50 to try Six Million Dollar Man slots at Titan CasinoIt’s been more than 30 years since “The Six Million Dollar Man” last captivated television audiences with the adventures of astronaut-turned-bionic man, Steve Austin. Whether you remember watching this iconic science fiction series when it first aired or have discovered its five seasons and various movies on DVD, you can revisit the excitement at Titan Casino with the Six Million Dollar Man slot game.


A Bionic Blast from the Past

You don’t need 6 million reasons to play this new slot game and online slots in Singapore , just one – the exciting story that the game is based on. After being severely injured, Austin, played by actor Lee Majors, underwent a $6 million surgery that transformed him into a bionic man. Better, stronger, and faster, Austin became a secret agent dedicated to stopping wild threats like mad scientists, enemy agents, and even aliens.


Nowadays, Austin remains one of the many pop culture icons from 1970s. It’s hard to find someone who isn’t familiar with the show’s opening sequence, featuring images of Austin in his red track suit running at incredible speeds, or that iconic sound Majors made every time he used his enhanced abilities. Of course, who could forget the program’s spin-off, “The Bionic Woman”?


No matter what you found most appealing about “The Six Million Dollar Man”, it’s likely to all come back to you when you play the slot game the show inspired.


Try Your Luck at Becoming a 6 Million Dollar Man – or Woman

Titan Casino has earned its reputation for greatness by providing online gaming that is fun and of a high quality, and The Six Million Dollar Man game only makes things better. So what can you expect when you play this game? How about a chance to be worth more than the operation that transformed Austin into the bionic man everyone remembers?


The Six Million Dollar Man is no ordinary human, so why should you play any old slot game? This game allows you to bet 50 percent more than you usually would be able to and, as a result, boost your potential to win big. You have the option of two spin modes, as well as the Bionic Spin, which will provide extra random wilds.


Along the way, you’ll have a chance to pick up bionic body parts that can translate to additional free games for you to play. After your superhuman gaming experience, you may find it hard to ever play an average slot machine again.


bonuscodeA Bionic Bonus for the Month of April

If you’re new to Titan Casino, then April is your lucky month. New players have until the end of the month (April 30) to pick up a free $50 through a special Steve Austin-inspired promotion.


To take advantage of this opportunity all you have to do is sign up for a new real money account, deposit at least $20, and use the bonus code “6MDM“. While $50 isn’t quite $6 million, everybody’s got to start somewhere. Get your $50 free immediately!


Just remember, to take advantage of this promotion you need to be a first-time player. Of course, even if you’ve already registered a real money account at Titan Casino, you can still try your luck playing the Six Million Dollar Man slot game any time you’re feeling a little superhuman.