How to recognize and combat stress at work

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Work-related stress: We say that we all suffer, perhaps with a little ‘light weight, but not all the bad days, when we go home and irritated nerve, are also a consequence or cause of this problem. Sometimes you just sleep on it, maybe treat ourselves with a nice relaxing bath or enjoying our favorite movie, to find the natural good mood. The difficulty, the hardships, the moments of discomfort in the workplace, is normal, as well as the “anger” and the setbacks that we send in the beast.

The problem arises when this routine is a nightmare that anguishes, affecting our physical and generating disorders both psychics than organic. Today we speak of their own Warning signals we can make people understand that we are going a little ‘longer there, and that, perhaps, alone will not make it longer support the weight that oppresses us.

Work-related stress: symptoms

The progression of symptoms Stress from work, speaks to Dr. Michael Maisetti, psychologist Health Organization, which is part of the Technical and Scientific Committee AIAS (Italian Association of Environmental Safety). At first, the first discomfort to appear is the headache, a certain difficulty in concentration, Physical weakness, irritability and nervousness, Lack of motivation. These signals are associated, often, an increase of blood pressure and heart rate. “And ‘as if he slept for several days following – Explains dr. Maisetti – may appear later mood disorders, Sleep, and also behavior For example you start to abuse alcohol and drugs, or smoke too much cigarettes. In the long run may occur diseases dependents of ‘cardiovascular system, Endocrine and digestive system. A classic example: the ‘ulcer”. They are often quite easily underestimate the stress of work, failing to hear warning signals emanating from the body, may have consequences also very heavy. If on the contrary to act now it’s definitely possible to avoid having an impact on our health, as well as on productivity and careers. But let’s see it what are the possible causes of this particular form of stress. Sounds good? Check more to learn about best filler for face volume

Stress at work: causes

The causes leading to a more common diagnosis work-related stress are linked to rhythms of the latter. Too many hours, possibly due to the personnel cuts, substitutions and therefore extraordinary also very close, and with the aggravating circumstance of a state of insecurity, can definitely lead to a state of malaise important. Even a change of direction at the top of company for which you work and competitiveness are all pushed to excess factors of risk. For those who work in environments noisy Moreover, it seems that the incidence of stress is definitely above average. Factories, Construction sites, but also schools near buildings or acoustic nuisance sources, leading to situations of workers suffering very high. Works particularly strenuous are also those where it is in contact with sick people, so hospitals As well as geriatric care, for example. But also, not having the proper recognition or the inability to hold the job for which you feel cut. The frustration due to lack of assessment of their skills creates a stress on the apparatus affects the cardiovascular, increasing the risk of stroke and infarcts. Anyway, let’s say that even those who love their work, under certain circumstances can become victim stress; we must never let our guard down. In these cases, what to do?

Stress at work: how to fight it

The first measures to be taken, if one realizes that the early stages of work-related stress are to try to unplug it for a while. Not necessarily asking holidays or going disease but taking the distance just as you are working. For example, taking the pauses right, avoiding, if possible, to take charge of overtime, constantly focusing attention on positive thoughts and very pleasant moments of their lives. Nature walks in her spare time, bringing a book relaxing to read during breaks, enrolling in a yoga class. They all look silly, but in reality, it is changing its attitude negative, that life can begin to smile, and work to have less influence on our mind. Resizing can become the watchword. But all these good intentions, can not work. If stress worse If the pressure rises, and if we sleep mood is on the ground, if we raise the voice over nothing, confusing the loved ones, who no longer know how to take, then we need d help. Psychotherapy can then become necessary, and should never be ashamed to go care by a specialist, for us and who loves us. And to get back to work loads and more certain you first!