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If you’ve ever heard anything about Keno, there is a good chance you’ve heard it’s a game with bad odds. Well, not to burst anyone’s bubble, no casino game is a surefire bet. And while it’s true the return on keno is not as good as most other casino games, the countless keno fans out there don’t play for the odds. Rather, they play for the entertainment and the hopes of winning a very large jackpot – something which keno is very capable of bestowing.


Keno is played by selecting a series of numbers (1-80). A drawing of twenty numbers is then made and the number of correctly picked numbers is paid out accordingly. In a land-based casino, the process of selecting numbers is done by filling out a keno card (there are different types of cards) or getting a quick pick. In the online casino, where as you can imagine games go much faster, you simply click on the number.


Depending on how many numbers you select, the payout for hitting some or all of the numbers will vary. For instance, if you only select five numbers, your payout for hitting all five numbers will be fifty


National Bingo Caller Of The Year Awards


This is an annual event known to everyone in the bingo business. It has been running for over 10 years, the competition reards one of the most important individuals in a bingo hall the compare. A good caller gives his personality to an offline hall and can really make an evening become sociable and fun.


Caller of the Year is also a showcase for the Bingo business as a whole. It adds a bit of glamour and fun to the whole industry. The reason people enter is because they feel on top of their game and they want to show a larger audience just how skillful they are. It can also attract new players to a club when one of their own makes it through to a regional final.


The other reason for the event being such a success is it is a great way for people to share knowledge and skills, callers learn from one another and pick up manerisims and effexts from the ulitmate winner so its a great way to share the love and understanding of bingo.


Online Casino Has a Royal bola88 Makeover


Royal Vegas, one of the oldest and most well-respected online brands from the Fortune Lounge Group, is getting a make-over. The site and casino software will undergo a visual transformation, stressing that customers will still receive their usual dose of enjoyment.


The Royal Vegas casino, which first opened its virtual doors in 2000, will launch a new look and feel for its website tomorrow (August 27, 2008). The re-branding will aim to make the site and casino a more streamlined experience while taking on a vibrant new look.


Redesigning the site has also been done with the eye on improving multi- language support and user-friendliness across the site: whether players are newcomers to online gambling or old hands ready for new deals. Royal Vegas will even be celebrating the redesign with new offers and promotions, kicking off at the beginning of September