New Translation and Localization Services Introduced

Translation Agencies UK
Translation Agencies UK
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According to an article on, GM Voices, the world’s biggest producer of professionally recorded voice prompts has expanded suite translation services to be able to meet the needs of global customers. This move targets new language audiences for marketing, product and tutorial purposes. Some of the highlights of the new services are specialized document translation wherein when the content relates to the specialized fields of law, engineering, medicine other technical and complex field, the GM Voice assigns to project a translator in a verse of your specific industry. Another is literary translation where this service puts creative work in the hands of a good writer to make sure the words are marketed directly to the audience.


One service is multilingual desktop publishing where a company’s advertisement will be adapted to the design or typesetting in the newly translated language while GM Voices provide a Trados-recognized file for the website translation or localization. For the direct translation and transcription, GM Voice translates and transcribes any file from any source.More about Translation Agencies UK




First of all: Experience in skill


  1. The contents of book must make you interested and trust:

When choosing books to translate, just select books you like and understand. If you’re not like the content it is difficult to offer good service, right? Moreover, books make you believe, your translation will bring tremendous value to a reader.

  1. Decision the style:

Each book must be coupled with a consistent style.Before translating a book, you must decide what style and words to write.

  1. Divide for many stage:

No one can translate one time in the best. So you should divide into at least three stages: a draft translation (close attention), an editor (or write back) and a debugger.


Second: The characteristic of a good translator:


  1. Passion:

Any task that also requires the passion of the person to complete the job brilliantly. For her, just think of holding the books they publish that I feel very happy and have energy to write. After publishing the book from say, you just “cuddling, stroking,””brainchild” sales only

  1. Patience and know how to motivate yourself: The translation of two-page book seems rather simple but with 200-300 pages will be a complete problem different, at least for me. There are times also want to give up halfway, but thanks to the determination “was what they must do to the end”, you can publish the book in a nice way.