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The rules of the game at the slot machines are fairly simple. Like poker, and «fruit» machines are programmed automata, in which players vbrasyvayut coins or tokens for the game. These machines determine how many coins (or tokens) was in vbrosheno, as well as fix the amount already inside. Different from poker machines principles and rules of the game, slot machines are fairly simple device.


Consisting of three rotating drum slot machines begin its work after the player down a special pen. It is because of the availability of these machines are sometimes called «one-bandits», because often the players manage to play them quite respectable sum. At the same time, and machines have to part with their monetnymi stocks. A winning hand at each car has its coefficient, by which the calculated amount of winning party game. In most cases, slot machines are programmed to award up to 80% left in their badges, therefore, are quite attractive entertainment for the players and the casino.


The winning combination

After the rotation of drums on the monitor slot machine appear a variety of characters that collectively make up a combination that will provide the player winning. Each game has a number of such combinations, images of which are in a visible place of the gaming machines. Attacks, one of which provides the player gains, which corresponds to a rate of the table.


The game may be coins, cash, as well as special tickets are available in the new slot machines. In many modern versions missing a game lever, a machine is in motion from the simple pressing a special button. To play on slot machines, there is no need to obtain special knowledge or skills – you just need to do «specific» rates and be able to stop in time. If lucky, the player can either pick up their money immediately, or, if provided the rules, play on «equal opportunities». Winning in this game, he receives a winning double in size.


Today, Togel Online slot machines are presented in a variety of online casinos and a variety of variations. The most popular, perhaps, are the five poker and «fruit» cars (with a combination of images of fruit). In electronic or video slot machines (video slot) the probability of winning is governed by a special program, all the results, rates and amounts of payments are calculated computer, and then appear on the display machine. If a player uses to play slots online internet casino (on line slots or gaming online slot), it must be understood: If even some of the games are designed as a classic drum machines with wheels and one or three winning lines of payments, they still are Video slots under the rules of the program.


Bonuses in slots

Bonus game differs from the usual combination of winning that does not immediately pay the full amount, and gives players a chance to feel that he can influence the course of the game with the help of supposedly available skills. Sometimes, slot machine manufacturers write the instructions on them that the bonus game falls only after a certain number of spins since the beginning. Although you can get bonus game, and after 2-3 spin. If the program involves winning party in the 1000 loans in the bonus game is sure to happen regardless of the player’s actions.