Judi Onlain

Judi Onlain

World Club Judi Onlain Cup Part II



Preparations for this tournament were somewhat easier than my last visit two years ago. The FIFA website allowed me to purchase tickets, saving me the problems I faced last time when I arrived unsure of how to obtain them, they even said they would deliver the tickets to my home address before the tournament started . If you have followed my travels you will know that collecting the tickets is never straightforward and, sure enough, a week before the Judi Onlain competition I received an email asking me to collect my tickets in Abu Dhabi.


I am due to arrive at lunch time on the day the competition starts with the first game kicking off at 8 p.m. Last time I would have been in danger of not being able to get in due to the fans arriving hours before the kick off. Surely this time with it being a FIFA event and the fact that I have officially paid for a ticket there will be no such problem. We’ll see.


The U.A.E. comes to a halt for two weeks whilst the championship takes place, however I have spotted that there are some Cup competitions taking place whilst I am there, and so I have been scouring the web to find out more.


Studying the websites of the clubs it was interesting to find that supporters were awarded free away trips with their clubs by entering poetry competitions.


Unfortunately the poems were in Arabic and so I was unable to translate them.


Mmm. So maybe they went like this.


Six foot two,

Eyes of azul,

Carlos Puyol’s after you


And I wanna be

  1. A. E.

(With thanks to FC United and The Sex Pistols)


Guess it’s a good job I …